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Mission & Vision
To be a centre of excellence, providing education, discipline and self-efficiency in essence of leadership.

About Us
Great Indian Academy is an English medium, Co-Educational school based in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, run under aegis of Vikas Kalyan Shiksha Samiti. The school aims at always doing the best for its students and to be an institution of excellence. Knowledge can never be stolen, plundered or lost and those who have a wide range of knowledge and experience can capture, power and influence. Our school motto ‘Knowledge is Power ‘aims to provide our students with this inexhaustible source of power so that they have full faith in themselves to move forward with full confidence in this competitive world. The school is divided into four houses namely, Einstein, Newton, Tesla and Edison to inculcate the feeling of team spirit as well as competitiveness. 

The Shining Stars of GIA

Congratulations to the Toppers of Academic Year 2023-24


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