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School Building

From the Chairman's Desk

Great Indian Academy is an English medium, Co-Educational school based in Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh, run under aegis of Vikas Kalyan Shiksha Samiti. The school aims at always doing the best for its students and to be an institution of excellence. Knowledge can never be stolen, plundered or lost and those who have a wide range of knowledge and experience can capture, power and influence. Our school motto ‘Knowledge is Power ‘aims to provide our students with this inexhaustible source of power so that they have full faith in themselves to move forward with full confidence in this competitive world. The school is divided into four houses namely, Einstein, Newton, Tesla and Edison to inculcate the feeling of team spirit as well as competitiveness. 

Director's Message

Nelson Mandela rightly said, Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”. The institution, Great Indian Academy was started with this aim; to provide education to the bright minds who need a platform to hone their skills, realize their potential and utilize their talent. Education for me not only means learning a subject but also a weapon provided to young minds to make their place in society, make and repair friendship and be the change the country and the world needs. In order to make this happen we at GIA provide the students with all the facilities. Not only do we stress on studies but also make sure that the various events of dance, drama, quiz and sports are organized and active participation is encouraged. Also, all the festivals are celebrated so that the kids understand the values, ethics and morals which has made our country stand out on the globe. My message to my dear students is, to always aim high, accept and win over all challenges and contribute to the enrichment of academic environment, make the best use of opportunities and participate in all the co-curricular and extra -curricular activities so that you effectively contribute to the improvement of self and society.


From the Principal's Desk

Ours is a progressive and forward-looking school. We are paying a tribute to the nation by providing quality education. Our school has succeeded in providing and maintaining its standards in the short span of time since its inception in 2012 through discipline and speedy implementation of academic programmes and infrastructure enrichment. We have taken long, quick and pleasant strides to reach the present status while we keep on striving to reach our goals. We have keen interest in all round development of our students so as to produce physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally sound children. The main motive is to mould our students to be disciplined citizens of our country. GIA is indeed a place where the cherished dreams of today’s youth will come true. 

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